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Is travelling by bus the most common form of transportation in Singapore

Updated: Mar 1

Is travelling by bus the most common form of transportation in Singapore

The three main modes of public transport in Singapore are the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), buses and taxis. Public bus transport service in Singapore is the most common form of public transportation, followed by the MRT and taxis respectively. Public bus transport service ply almost every part of Singapore, while the MRT provides speed and efficiency, especially during peak hours.

However, buses and trains simply cannot go everywhere, all the time. That’s where the private sector comes in. That gave rise to a cottage industry of private bus transport service company in Singapore.

What’s great about these private bus service is that they offer public transit solutions for people who would not normally take MRT or public buses—places where it’s inconvenient, inefficient, or overly stigmatized.

Also, these private bus transport service company in Singapore find and fill gaps and inefficiency in MRT or public bus transport service, at a price point matching customer needs.

Today, taking a bus transport service has always been the most affordable way to get around in Singapore. Riding a bus transport service in Singapore offers one of the most convenient and enjoyable ways to explore the island’s favorite tourist destinations.

Puttng  things in perspective, the public bus transport service is the most cost-effective way to travel in Singapore and also have its benefits such as:-

1) Travel leisurely – On a bus you can read a book, play a game, catch up on emails, text your mates, read the paper or even chat with your friends. It is also pretty relaxing to just take a little nap.

2) Faster journeys – Prioritised traffic lights and dedicated bus lanes on main routes allow buses to get through the city quickly.

3) Cheaper – Taking taxi or owning a car is more expensive than travelling by bus

4) Convenience – With the latest bus information technology at your fingertips, you can find out more information about your next bus transport service.

5) Make you fitter – Public bus transport service makes you exercise more.  You generally have to walk a little bit which make you fitter.

6) Reduced greenhouse gases – An increase in the use of public bus transport service in Singapore results in less pollution and better air quality and also reduce congestion.

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